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I Hear the Church Bell Ring

I Hear the Church Bell Ring

I hear the church bell ring


Can you believe it?

With every piece of cloth taken off

I find a map out of paradise lost

It’s you


I loved you

But you loved him

So my only conviction

Was that I would never see you again


The church bell rings


I will take the call

You take it all

Separate plans cancelled by fate’s hands

We Rome in circles


But god damn this friendship

So good I just want to end it

Crucify my heart even if you want no part

But you did


I hear the church bell ringing


Rain drops pouring

Your insides flooding

And we are an imperfect pair



How you paint me in your dreams

How I felt you in my sleep

How you knew I was coming before I came

And now I am coming


Church bell ringing


Church bells swinging

Your voice is a Soprano singing

Tokyo time zone

And I can’t leave you alone


Because I am already afraid to lose you

And you refuse to hear me say I love you

Maybe because I am as fucked up as back then

Maybe because it will be easier to end


I heard a church bell ring


I know

I am beyond intense

I will own every consequence

I won’t hold back


Back against the wall

Don’t tell me how to feel about you

I don’t know nothing

But I know there’s something


I heard the church bell ringing


Another wound to the chest

And I still wished you the best

Yet how prophetic

I meant it when I said it


That if that last nigga you were with

Didn’t love you enough

I would be back

With enough love for the both of us


The church bell has rung


The feel of your tongue

Was tongue tied

But I let it go

We see where it goes


Right here where we are

And here I am

If you want to take it beyond the new year

Well here I stand


The church bell rang


Y por fin I let you close your eyes

Vibrations running down your spine

And I feel a change inside

You are my renaissance


Water and fire

Walking the ruins of a fallen empire

Surrounded by death and sacrifice


And all I want to do is give you life


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#23 - Jory Block

#23 - Jory Block