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Las Caras de Argentina: Buenos Aires

Si tuviera que vivir mañana en otro país, iría a Buenos Aires. Es una mezcla de una nación del primer mundo y del tercer mundo. El centro de Europa se reúne con América Latina. Una ciudad que podría haber sido aún puede ser ... Y la gente que conozco tiene una chispa en sus ojos y un sueño en sus corazones que iluminan la capital.

LensCulture: Emerging Talent 2016 Review

Does the photograph deliver a particular emotion to the viewer as a result of the photographer's intuitive connection with the subject, and does it become an experience? Not all images and subject matter offers or possesses those qualities but it's imperative for the photographer to strive and incorporate them into their work.

pDNA 2.0 Results

The Photographer DNA (pDNA) Assessment Tool is an exercise in identification. The goal is to get a snapshot of the characteristics you currently possess that will most likely impact your potential as a professional photographer.